Let’s Debate

Do you ever wonder why so many people feel that America and the world is slipping into the abyss and that everything is all doom and gloom? I have given this a lot of thought lately and have come to my own personal conclusion that I would like to share and even start a discussion, if I have any takers.

I am an optimist. I look at our world today and what I see are hard transitions and major changes. We have the terrorism issue of course and it seems that on a daily basis we hear about one sensational news event after another. It dulls the senses and the human soul. Fed a constant 24/7/365 diet of media bombardment it is no wonder that most people feel helpless. I have to agree that it is magnificent that we have access to so much instant information but too much of anything is not good and there is no way the human brain can possibly process all we have at our command. We have no time to decompress from what is going on in the world before something else comes along that is bigger and all consuming. It is one massive news- feed blur.

Consider for a moment the following points. The Civil War, Great Depression and WWII were devastating, the Holocaust unimaginable. If we had the technology we have at our fingertips today back then and it was presented through the thousands of media outlets, Facebook, YouTube etc., what our world would look like through that lens? We would be counting the minutes to our demise. I look around and sure the economy is a mess but I still see people shopping, golfing, having family outings, celebrating life’s moments. The world is not a ticking time bomb; it is just slowly and painfully melding together as a connected community that before now was not possible. We as the human species do not like change, we balk at change but to move forward as a connected global family we need to embrace the change. Imagine a time in your life that you were faced with major change. At the time it seemed impossible but eventually, good or bad; you got through it and survived. We as world citizens will do the same and we will be a better planet for it…..What is your take? Let’s Debate.

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