Fort Hood Texas

First of all, our heartfelt sympathies to the fallen, injured and the families impacted by this horrible tragedy.  No words can sufficiently convey the loss and pain currently being felt by so many.

It was shocking and sad to learn about the Fort Hood incident, four deaths (three innocent and one shooter) and 16 injured.  For many American, it was difficult to accept that all these deaths and injuries were not caused in the battlefield or on the enemy soil but by one of our own and on our own soil.

What was the shooter’s intent we may never fully know but it is becoming apparent that he did have some psychological challenges.   Out of 2.6 million American soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, over one million are suffering from mental health and psychological issues.  According to “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America” (IAVA) organization, 22 soldiers are committing suicide each day which translates to 8,000 per year.  In other words more will die on the American soil than fighting the enemy in 2014!!!

We all know that we failed the Vietnam War veterans upon their return and treated them miserably for their sacrifice. Are we repeating the same all over again?  Why our leaders are working to provide the necessary assistance including money and material to the men and women in uniform who volunteer willingly to die for America?

We owe our freedom to the men and women in uniform.

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