World_Muslim_Population_Map2My book “I Love America So Why Don’t You” explains in considerable detail why the Muslim World is in a total state of bewilderment and bent on marching on the path that leads to destruction and mayhem. On top of that, the rulers (mostly dictators) while pampering themselves continuously don’t know how to lead their nations out of this vicious muddle.

There are 58 Muslim countries, mostly poor but few rich due to oil exports. Thanks to the West which not only discovered oil, developed refineries, created demand, got oil to the market and totally became dependent on it. The few oil exporting countries namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, UAE do not produce anything else that the rest of the world would want to buy. Does anyone wake up on Saturday morning and exclaims wow; I am going to buy a car made in Pakistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia? You cannot, because they don’t produce anything of value. However, Pakistan has nuclear weapons, Iran wants to develop them and Saudi Arabia is just biting at the bit to get involved in the race along with a few others.

In the Second World War (1939-45), the Allied annihilated Germany and Japan. Look at these countries today as they have become economic powerhouses. They are producing goods that rest of the world is clamoring to buy. They did not lay down and continued their fight with the Allied nations using terroristic means. Their leaders put their nations before themselves, provided freedom to their citizens, and started using their brains instead of their brawn.

America tried to stop China from rising up when Communists took over in the 1940’s but they could not. Chinese leaders finally realized that “it is about economics stupid” and embarked upon an amazing journey to become the producer of the world. America fought a long war in Vietnam but today they are producing and exporting many goods to the USA. In addition, many other countries that had no quarrel with the USA but learned to produce, followed the Western template and are on the path of becoming economic powerhouses; South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and many more. On the other hand, American has given hundreds of billions of dollars to many countries but very seldom you hear “thank you.”

In conclusion, out of 58 Muslim countries, it is difficult to pinpoint a country where a leader is putting nation’s interest before his, involving people in the decision making or thinking strategically to become a producer instead of a consumer. However, one will find emphasis on no rights for women, keeping them veiled, growing long beards, blaming the West for their paralysis, creating fear and destroying what is good and killing other Muslim minorities.

The time is not for war or jihad but using the brainpower to gain knowledge in this infinite universe. I pray that Islamic World changes it ways and take advantage of the modern education, technology and God given talents presents in their people.  They are as capable indeed as anyone else on this marvelous earth!

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