I really appreciate that you have taken the time to check out my website, “I Love America So Why Don’t You!” My book with the same title name should be out shortly and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Kindle. Be sure to check back for a publish announcement with details on my website and Facebook.

The first question you may ask is what does the title of the book mean?  Well, I came to America as an international student in the 1970s but over the years I fell in love with the good ole U.S.A.  I realized that deep within me I wanted to become a part of this country because “I believe this is the greatest country that God has ever created.”  Therefore, the book is meant to engage those who do and don’t agree with my perspective and give them food for thought in order to prove my beliefs.

I have been day dreaming for the past 20 years about writing a book.  When the horrific events on 9/11 occurred, the outline of my book became clear in my mind.  As a student of history, I began to wonder “Why did America become so great?” And having been born in Punjab, Pakistan, I also pondered “Why are Muslims at the bottom?”, “What are the causes of terrorism?” and “What are our options?” My book is a sincere effort to provide the answers to these questions and much more.

I received boundless and unconditional love from so many people that I met starting with my arrival in Vincennes, Indiana, then continuing on to Evansville, Indiana, then Vidalia, Georgia, and now Roswell, Georgia. I was fortunate to have met many countless, selfless Americans willing to mentor me and willing to befriend many lost souls.  This country has profoundly transformed me into the mature successful person that I am today by shaping my vision of the world, revamping my thinking and making me a true believer in the American dream.

No nation is perfect but there is no doubt in my mind that America is and always will be the beacon of hope for many.  I pray for it to stay that way for centuries to come.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and questions.  Thank you so much for your support!


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