Why America Is Great?

Our politicians may be deadlocked in Washington, but American entrepreneurs are continuing to blossom in the innovation arena with new and exciting technologies. American inventions have brought much comfort in our daily lives that cannot be ignored even by most of the agnostics.  For example, what would our lives be without a smart phone, YouTube, Facebook, Google, automobile, airplanes, internet and even Dancing with the Stars.

We went through the American Revolution, Civil War, 1930s Depression, World War I & II, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and the 2008 Depression but the spirit to innovate continues to thrive.  The cycle of temporary pessimism ultimately gets replaced by a constant jolt of optimism through some new innovation that we want to own. Remember the first iPhone, dual climate control in the car and Starbucks.   The credit goes to our research institutions, researchers and leaders who understand the ultimate return on R&D investment, industry chiefs, workers, capitalism and most importantly the strong infrastructure put in place by the Exceptional Mindsets that create the best outcome.  Let us not forget the freedom to produce and the availability of markets to sell.

Surprisingly, for the past 500 years almost all of the innovations in science, medicine, and businesses have occurred either in the USA or Europe.  Americans and Europeans have invented electricity, TV, phone, heating, air-conditioning, electric fans, shopping malls, skyscrapers, highways, railroad, penicillin, aspirin, pampers, ice cream, disco fever and thousands more that we use or enjoy in our daily lives.  Look around right now and not a single item your eyes will find was invented by some other nation.  All other nations are good at copying and then manufacturing but have shown no capability in the innovation arena since the 15th century.

Our politicians and government somehow need to find ways to work together to encourage and help R&D in the business sector by providing tax breaks, tax credits, and by eliminating pesky and frivolous regulations in order to continue to keep America supreme.

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