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Mubarak- We wanted to congratulate you on the outstanding book! What a labor of great proportion historically, philosophically and factually, it hones in on the TRUTH! May God bless your efforts and many the world know the great truths within “I Love America So Why Don’t you!” – The Morelands

Good Points Raised In This Book –¬† The author has raised some very important points about how Muslim countries can learn from the west and improve their standing in the World thus impacting the living standards of people living in those countries. It is a good read for anyone who is interested in world affairs especially related to middle-east and present day Muslim terrorism. – AB

Fascinating Look Into A Misunderstood Place – Mubarak Chouhdry has created a most interesting study of the Pakistan of his youth and of today. The country that he left years ago was nothing like the country we know today. I thought this book would be something different — wide margins and large point font. Instead, it is a fascinating recollection of the Pakistan of Mr. Chouhdry’s youth and a substantive study of its place in the world today. Mr. Chouhdry makes a compelling case as to why he has so strongly embraced his adopted country — the United States. A must read to help understand some of the issues in the Middle East. – Baseball Ron



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