This is a story that cries out to be told not only to Americans who need to know more about these facts but especially to Muslims everywhere. I can think of no one more qualified to present this story than Mubarak.”

-Bob Hilton, Former President, Systems Planning Institute

“Knowing Mubarak for thirty three years I am not surprised that he decided to write a book that would be mind opening for some and at the same time be a sounding board of his deepest feelings.  He is a true American who came here as a student in 1973, became a citizen in 1983 and absorbed all the flavor this country emanates.  Some get it and some don’t. He got all of it.  He loves this country to the core and this book reflects his personality.  His take on the plight of some countries will be very revealing and present a different perspective. Some will love it and some may not…IT IS A FREE COUNTRY.”

 -Syed Abrar Ali, MD

“During the summer of 1974 Mubarak was chosen to reside at and manage the International Student Center house at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. From this position of responsibility he extended a welcoming and helping hand to new and current international students. Mubarak made an excellent peer student advisor and leader. No one was a stranger to him and he made himself available to all students.”

—Pat Minderman, Memphis, Tennessee

“As I didn’t mean to meet Mubarak on purpose, I can’t remember exactly how it happened. However, I am sure he spoke to me first because that is the kind of person he is. He certainly became immersed in small town America and the notion that with hard work and education anything is possible. I on the other hand became open to many new and global ideas and the fact that although cultures are different there is a common thread that runs through us as human beings.”

—Carol Keusch, Vincennes, Indiana

“Not only was Mubarak a fine employee, a splendid citizen, and a good friend, but he certainly qualifies to me as an American patriot. You cannot be around him long before you discover that as an American and former Pakistani he is very concerned about the situations in the Near East and areas where he is particular familiar. His approach is, in my opinion, one which we need to examine, it is noteworthy.”

—Weston Bergman, Jr., Retired Hospital Administrator, Vidalia, Georgia

“You don’t have to be in Mubarak’s presence very long to be impressed with his deep love of America and unbounded faith in America’s future. Were America populated with more Mubarak’s, his vision of our future would be a certainty. His confidence and love of country are inspiring and more often seen in people who have deliberately chosen America as their mother country as opposed to many who are native born and have little appreciation of the price that has been paid in blood and treasure to build this one and only America.”

—LTC Daniel Rossman, USAF, Ret., Roswell, Georgia

“I met Mubarak in 1991 and was quickly impressed with his desire to be involved in our Vidalia Community. He joined our local Kiwanis Club and wasn’t merely a participant but a very busy Kiwanian that participated in many projects to make our community better. He was a valued citizen of our city for seven years. He continues to serve this country through his community involvement and asserting his love and pride for America by writing this book. I have found him deeply devoted in discussing the dangers of and solutions for Muslim terrorists, especially since September 11, 2011. He is a genuine American through and through!”

 —Steve Brown, Owner, Brown Insurance Group, Vidalia, Georgia

“When I met Mubarak, I was very reserved as he came from a different country, grew up with a different religious background and had spent most of his time in America north of the Mason Dixon line. However, it didn’t take long to see that he had a very big heart and cared for other people. He was a person you wanted to spend time with because he made you feel better about yourself and about what you did. God used Mubarak in my life to teach me many things about myself and how to deal with others. Many of these lessons learned brought about changes in my life, changes that made me be a better person and helped me grow in my desire to be more like Christ. I am blessed to call Mubarak both a friend and family.”

—Bob Dixon, Vidalia, Georgia 

“Mubarak is a great human being and global American. If you would like honest answers to worldly questions, you have come to the right man. Mubarak not only understands the history of the world and Middle East but is very knowledgeable about the USA and he loves this country. This is a courageously written history of his early beginnings and love for family with respect for all, and his quest for knowledge and to be significant. I think, “I Love This Country So Why Don’t You! Is one of many books he will be asked to write because he is a Thought Leader with sound answers for our future.

—Pat Haly, President National Personnel, Dunwoody, Georgia 

“My friendship with Mubarak goes back over 30 years now. Despite the years, most vivid in my mind to this day was being present at His ceremony when he became a US citizen.  I am proud and honored to call him my friend and fellow American.”

–          Alan Jones, Evansville, Indiana