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I Love America So Why Don’t You!

Excerpts from the Book…

“For some time now, I have been struggling to understand why Muslims have lagged behind in economics, sciences, manufacturing and innovations despite their large population and significant past accomplishments. Perhaps there is an even more important question to answer: what made the Europeans and the Americans so great in achieving illustrious advancements since the 1500s?”

“The strength of America lies in its ideals and can-do spirit. Not everything we did was always right, but the spirit and motivation to make it right is the greatest gift that this country possesses, bar none.”

‘I realize that it sounds strange to say that I grew up in a very different Pakistan that was tolerant, progressive and offered hope not only to its citizens but also to the international community. Even though I left Pakistan many years ago and am now a proud and loyal citizen of the United States of America, I still wonder that if Pakistan had continued on the path of economic prosperity and respect for all, today, just like all other immigrants, I would feel good about the land of my birth. Instead, I am embarrassed and saddened by its current state.”

“Most of the rulers, intoxicated with absolute power and devoid of intellect, have kept a majority of the citizenry both illiterate and unemployed. Among this bedlam, they have been successful in promoting a mythical glorious past and brainwashing the masses into believing that Islam once again should dominate the world through militaristic means. As a result, these policies have led them to paths of illiteracy, violence and bloodshed. If only they had become masters of economics and science, some of these Muslim countries had the potential of becoming a power through peaceful means and contributing immensely to the betterment of humanity.”


Some of the Chapter Titles from I Love America So Why Don’t You

Comments From Great Americans

My Inspiration, How It All Began

The Exceptional Mindset of Americans and Europeans

Americans and Europeans at the Top

American and European Inventions

Why the Muslim World is at the Bottom

Extremism In The Muslim World

Terrorism, Jihadism And Our Options

The Jewish Myth Among Muslims